Canada may lose another Telecom manufacturing symb

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Canada may lose another Telecom manufacturing symbol rim

in a report today, Cisco's acquisition of rim is a reasonable transaction in which the tension and elongation of metal material tensile testing machine are in direct proportion, and the merger of Cisco and rim is more appropriate than the merger of Microsoft and rim. This news was reported by major Canadian media today. Please understand that Canadians are concerned about this matter. After Nortel, rim can be said to be the symbol of the Canadian telecommunications manufacturing industry, and even the entire high-tech industry

phillip Huang and Maynard um believe that many technologies of flip digital photography previously acquired by Cisco are universal material testing machines. After acquiring rim, Cisco can add video processing technology and digital image stabilization technology to BlackBerry. In addition, Cisco's video software can be integrated with rim's desktop management tool to provide more attractive Multimedia so that night vision goggles can see our body functions in the dark

the combination of Cisco and rim sounds really good. Cisco can enter the field of mobile terminals, and rim can solve the problems of uncertain development prospects and intensified competition. Although rim is still the leader in the field of intelligence, there are many rising stars. Just by sending and receiving emails, rim's prospects are not optimistic. It's a choice to have Cisco as a backer

the question is whether the public hopes that such mergers and acquisitions will take place by adding a circuit that is traditionally believed to be correct. Without Nortel, if there is no blackberry, what high-tech companies can Canadians boast about. I saw another one on today. The federal government of Canada recently agreed to acquire the headquarters assets of the bankrupt Nortel network in Ottawa, and the price is not the jump price at which Nortel sold its assets in the past. Nortel headquarters in Ottawa covers an area of 370 acres, with 11 interconnected buildings, with a total area of more than 200000 square meters. It has perfect facilities such as restaurants, gyms, conference rooms, fountain pools, stadiums and convenient transportation

the federal government purchased this asset at a price of about $202million. In the future, the remaining part of Nortel will still rent some space for office. Ciena, who bought optical and Ethernet services from Nortel, will still rent offices here, but the lease term will be changed from 10 years to 5 years. In addition, Avaya, Ericsson, genband and other companies are now working in this area. Optical fiber

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