Canada warns of retaliation against the United Sta

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Canada warned to retaliate against the United States for imposing anti-dumping duties on timber

according to Canadian News Agency 21, Canadian Prime Minister Chretien called US President Bush a few days ago and asked the US government to withdraw the decision to impose anti-dumping duties on Canadian timber, otherwise Canada will take a non cooperative attitude towards the development of energy and other aspects of the United States in Alaska

Chretien said that Canada was forced to link timber trade with energy trade. If American consumers still need Canadian energy, the United States must consider importing Canadian timber, so that it can do its work in a planned way. He said that the United States' imposition of anti-dumping duties on Canadian timber seriously violates the free trade advocated by the United States, and this practice should be corrected as soon as possible

Canadian Minister of international trade Pierre Pettigrew said on the 21st that the Canadian government has asked the world trade organization to establish a three person panel to deal with the Canadian US timber trade dispute within 60 days

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the U.S. Department of Commerce decided on the 10th of this month to impose an anti-dumping duty of 19.3% on wood imports from all Canadian provinces except the Atlantic province. The United States believes that Canadian timber companies exported a large amount of timber to the United States after the termination of the timber trade agreement signed by the two countries in 1996 in March this year, and the export volume has exceeded 15% of the legal limit

it is reported that the high tariff imposed by the United States on Canadian timber will cause economic losses of 2 billion Canadian dollars (about 1.5 Canadian dollars) per year in Canada, and nearly 30000 employees in the timber industry will be unemployed

Canada exports about $10billion of cork and cork products to the United States every year, which is the sum of Canada's annual export revenue to Britain, Germany and France. Canadian timber accounts for about 34% of the U.S. timber market. After Bush took office, American timber traders have been asking the government to take measures to restrict the import of Canadian timber

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