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Canada began to develop thermoplastic composite auto parts

magna, a Canadian auto supplier, and the National Research Council (NRC), a research and development organization of the Canadian government, formed a partnership at the end of 2009 to support the Canadian auto industry in developing a "new generation" of vehicles that are safe, economical, environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. As part of the partnership, The two sides will create a magna NRC composite material excellence in Concord, Ontario, Canada, where the clause is highly controversial "From BYK's development history and achievements in China for more than 30 years, but the industry development is still not standardized, Shengzhong center will focus on the research and development of thermoplastic composite auto parts.

this composite Excellence Center will be equipped with thermoplastic composite molding equipment. The cooperation teams of both sides will use long fiber reinforced thermoplastic and sheet molding plastics to jointly develop light and durable auto parts.

related The joint research project will begin immediately, and the new research institution is expected to be put into operation in the summer of 2010

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