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Can the VR industry release new momentum again after the "foam burst"

2017 is called the "year of the bursting of the VR foam": in the year of an increase of 4.95%, the market has cooled sharply, and many investors have avoided talking about VR. A VR industry insider even announced to the media that there will be no more than five manufacturers who can still adhere to VR all-in-one machines by 2018. From the focus of media attention to the "foam" in the eyes of capital, what happened to VR

according to CES 2018 data, the number of exhibitors involved in ar/graphite divided into crystalline graphite (flake) and aphanitic graphite (powder) VR products this year exceeded 360, and the relevant exhibition areas directly occupied more than one third of the area of the first floor of South Hall. Compared with previous years, more VR brands are trying to improve the user experience that users can actually obtain in a certain application scenario, and the importance of user experience has been put to an unprecedented height

what exactly is VR? From a certain point of view, it is a new media. From the earliest use of words, to images, video, and then to VR, people are becoming more and more expressive about things. VR can also be said to be a new field of cross integration of multiple industries. Several industries such as electronics, communications, culture, etc. converge to shape a new development model

Allan Rasmussen, senior project manager of national industry and sinlego, said that Qiao Yueshan, deputy director of the electronic information department of the Ministry of information and chemical industry, said that virtual reality has rich business forms, great industrial potential and strong social benefits, and VR applications are accelerating their penetration into the production and living fields. In the made in China 2025 key field technology roadmap, virtual reality is listed as one of the key technologies of intelligent manufacturing core information equipment

according to the "in-depth analysis report on the market outlook and investment planning of China's virtual reality industry" issued by the prospective industry research institute, with the admission of large companies such as Facebook, Google, Sony and valve, the field of virtual reality continues to be hot. At present, there have been hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, and the VR market is expected to exceed $15.9 billion in 2019

in terms of industrial policies, China has raised the development of virtual reality industry to the national level, and virtual reality has been included in many major documents such as the 13th five year plan for informatization. At present, nearly 20 provinces, cities and regions in China have launched the layout of virtual reality industry

ces exhibition has always been called the weathervane of future science and technology. It is understood that there are 46 exhibitors of games and VR on CES this year, down 36% from 72 last year. It can be seen that the VR market is facing a turning point in 2018, and the breakthrough development of technology will become a watershed for the advancement of the VR industry. From the information released on the exhibition site alone, the VR industry is expected to usher in a new round of outbreak, but is this really the case

as early as the second half of 2016, the VR market was cold, and the sales of VR hardware products decreased significantly, mainly due to the increase of entrants in the VR field, serious product homogenization, lagging behind in hardware innovation, lack of VR content, and so on. In the face of such a situation, the process of capital investment has slowed down, and the entire VR industry has entered the process of de foam. After a year of "de foam" process in 2017, not many enterprises in the entire VR industry have survived, and most of them have certain industry backgrounds, either capital or technology. 1. Keep equipment clean

as for the development trend of virtual reality, there can be many trends, of which the integration of virtual reality and artificial intelligence is very important. With the rapid progress of virtual reality technology and artificial intelligence technology, as well as the increasing expansion and application of virtual reality application field, the intelligent demand for virtual reality system functions continues to increase. Artificial intelligence technology has begun to integrate into VR system and gradually become an important feature of VR system

at present, VR is still in the stage of competition, which is far from the integration stage. There are a lot of underlying technologies in the VR field that need to be broken through. If startups can bet on oneortwo technological opportunities, they may gain a firm foothold in the industry. In the more intense competition in the VR industry in the future, which brand can lead to "greater improvement in some key hardware performance and content quality" can continue to survive and enjoy market dividends

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