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Former richest man Zhang Yin: can we turn the tide

on the Forbes rich list in 2009, Zhang Yin ranked 231 with a fortune of 1.8 billion yuan. The financial crisis has hit all kinds of manufacturing industries to varying degrees. Can the former richest woman Zhang Yin turn the tide

it is reported that 2006 was the most beautiful year for Zhang Yin. In that year, all Nine Dragons Paper production lines were orderly transferred and listed in Hong Kong, with a market value of nearly 40 billion. The three richest people in Hong Kong, including Ye Zhaoji, jointly bought us $60million in stocks. The major securities companies gave high praise to this stock, and investors from all walks of life were moved by the news. Zhang Yin, who owns 72% of Nine Dragons Paper, soared to 27billion yuan, ranking first on the Hurun rich list

who would have thought that only two years later, the former wealth has shrunk by only 7%

Zhang Yin was born in a military family. In 1985, she went to Hong Kong with 30000 yuan and began to do waste paper recycling business. In Hong Kong, the concept of forming shrinkage difference △ vs was introduced into the standard of waste collection, and the accumulation of original capital was completed in six years. From collecting waste paper to building a huge papermaking Kingdom, she has accumulated enviable wealth in the past 24 years. When talking about her success, this businesslike woman likes to say that she is lucky. But now, bad times kill good luck

the financial crisis hit all kinds of manufacturing industries to varying degrees. In 2008, Nine Dragons Paper was accused of being a sweatshop, and there were rumors of financial problems and even imminent liquidation. In December, 2008, Zhang Yin clarified through an announcement that the company was not involved in any bankruptcy, liquidation or liquidation procedures, and the internal operation of the company was normal. However, the sharp decline in domestic and foreign demand has become a fact. Nine Dragons Paper industry has suffered a substantial reduction in profits due to the sharp decline in selling prices and the rise in raw material prices

even though investors have psychological expectations for the decline of Nine Dragons Paper's earnings, the interim performance report for fiscal year 2008 released on February 20 still surprised the market: in the second half of 2008, Nine Dragons Paper achieved a net profit of 323 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 69.4%, while earnings per share fell to 0.07 yuan, a decrease of 72% from HK $0.25 in the same period of 2007

Zhang Yin's wealth has also shrunk significantly due to the continuous decline in share prices. On the Hurun 100 rich list released in October 2008, Zhang Yin fell out of the top 10 with 18billion; On the Forbes rich list released two weeks later, she even had only 182 Tls-s10000i ~ s20000i dual digital display spring has powerful customer group information sharing function: it irregularly organizes customer experimental machine and experimental technology seminars, and the tension and compression experimental machine is 100 million yuan, ranking 231. On the Forbes rich list in 2007, Zhang Yin's wealth was 25.35 billion yuan, ranking fifth

The negative figures in the financial report also revealed that the business model of high debt and high growth is no longer a tried and true panacea for Zhang Yin. Nine Dragons Paper's share price also fell to 2.38 yuan from the peak of 20 yuan in 2007, with a debt ratio as high as 98%. At this time, securities companies also began to sing down, and Morgan Stanley will increase its holdings to keep pace with the market; JPMorgan Chase gave a reduction rating, and the prospects of the paper industry are not optimistic by the market

in 1997, just a year after Zhang Yin founded Nine Dragons Paper, the new company almost became a foam due to the Asian financial crisis; In 2005, the net current assets of Nine Dragons Paper reached negative 2billion yuan. When it was about to face the danger of selling assets and emptying, the 4billion yuan of IPO saved the enterprise from danger. After more than ten years of development, nine dragons has become the largest packaging paper manufacturer in Asia. Once again, the global financial crisis, can the former richest woman turn the tide

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