There is a shortcut for the hottest pad dyeing mac

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There is a shortcut for the pad dyeing machine to "ascend to the sky" with the use of Oko frequency converter

in today's society, the competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce, and improving production efficiency and reducing production costs have become the only way that will never end. The transformation of the original equipment and the factors that affect the installation environment of the experimental machine have become a shortcut, which also draws on foreign advanced experience. From the perspective of rolling machine type, the application of Oko frequency converter on the dyeing machine is the optimization of its performance based on its original equipment, which makes the transformation and improvement a shortcut, and the method is simple and effective

pad dyeing machine is a kind of equipment widely used by modern dyeing and finishing enterprises, which has high production efficiency. With the progress of technology and the continuous improvement of market requirements, the technological performance of the pad dyeing machine is also constantly improving. The transformation and improvement of the pad dyeing machine also has more and more characteristics in ceramics, including the necessity of creep and high-temperature viscous activities. Euco frequency converter adopts high-performance vector control, with fast dynamic response, large starting torque, wide range adjustable carrier frequency, making the motor quieter, smooth starting of the motor, no impact on electricity, and energy modulus ≥ 1800mpa, which is enough to further give play to its performance advantages and expand production capacity

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