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Can xiong'an become the next Shenzhen after "overnight popularity"

Abstract: on April 21, the high-profile planning outline of xiong'an New District in Hebei was officially released, outlining the specific picture of this "future city" for people. "Digital city", "big data", "IOT", "cloud computing", "artificial intelligence", "industrial interconnection", "network security" and other keywords appear repeatedly in the outline

remember xiong'an in the southwest of Beijing

now, one year after the founding of xiong'an new area, many people are looking forward to "what will the future of xiong'an new area look like?"

on April 21, the high-profile planning outline of xiong'an New District in Hebei was officially released, outlining the specific picture of this "city of the future"

"digital city", "big data", "IOT", "cloud computing", "artificial intelligence", "industrial interconnection", "network security" and other keywords appear repeatedly in the outline

1. The use of electronic universal experimental machine

the outline points out that intelligence and innovation will be the unique elements and bright business cards that xiong'an new area will focus on

in the common expectation of people, xiong'an, which has been at the forefront of global urban exploration, is expected to become the first AI city in the history of the world

today, let's explore the profound meaning behind these keywords

build a smart "future new city"

xiong'an has now defined the development direction of realizing intelligent urban management, building a world leading digital city and expanding the utilization of underground space. For the capital market, it will greatly activate the development of relevant industrial chains such as intelligent manufacturing, big data, underground pipe gallery and high-end equipment

on the first anniversary of the official establishment of xiong'an new area, the xiong'an Citizen Service Center project, known as the "first bid of xiong'an", was announced to be basically completed. This building of more than 100000 square meters has been fully digitalized while being built. For example, for steel components, scanning the QR code can read all the information of the manufacturer, production time, purchase time, quality report and so on. After completion, the power consumption, water consumption and air quality in the building can be clearly detected, and all camera information in the whole park will also be clearly displayed

in the future, xiong'an's buildings, roads, bridges, parking lots, signal lights and even light poles, well covers and garbage cans are intelligent. They have their own identity cards, and build an intelligent city system that can be perceived everywhere at all times, interconnected with all things, and connected with information. Problems can also be quickly responded to and handled in time

the unified IOT platform of the city will be truly realized, and the intelligent level of infrastructure in the whole new area will be greater than 90%

"smart city" has been widely concerned since its concept was put forward, and shows the following characteristics:

(1) "smart city" is closely connected with IOT. IOT is the "interconnection of things connected". It cannot be separated from interconnection. The core of IOT is the extended and extended network based on interconnection. It will enable any physical object to exchange information and communicate, and realize the interconnection of things

(2 according to the understanding that the load can no longer rise) intelligent application. Smart cities have huge amounts of data. To truly realize "wisdom", cities need to have the ability to process and analyze massive data. The current "cloud computing" provides a good solution. Through cloud computing, combined with Internet technology, smart cities can realize resource sharing by integrating all kinds of information centrally and transmitting all kinds of processed information through the network. Information interaction can be realized between individuals in the network, so as to complete the value-added application of information

(3) integration of high and new technology. To realize a smart city, we need to integrate many high and new technologies, such as remote sensing technology, GPS technology, IOT technology and so on

in the future, xiong'an new area will strive to achieve intelligent urban management, build a world leading digital city, and create a better smart life for citizens

"communication network"

in the future, xiong'an new area will also focus on building a new generation of information technology industry. Around the construction of a digital city, it will focus on the development of the next generation of communication network, IOT, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, industrial interconnection, network security and other information technology industries. In the near future, relying on 5g to take the lead in large-scale commercial use and IPv6 to take the lead in layout, cultivate and drive the rapid development of related industries

what will 5g network bring to xiong'an

5g, which means high rate, low delay and high capacity, is known as the core technology of future artificial intelligence and IOT. With the gradual maturity of technology and the increase of test times, 5g is getting closer and closer to our life

5g network can connect smart (or tablet) to more complex and broader application fields. For example, intelligent connection of smart home, UAV, robot or driverless, etc. these applications can only be realized under 5g network

innovative applications based on 5g will be launched in xiong'an earlier. In addition to driverless, applications such as mobile telemedicine in 5g network environment and 5g supported city level IOT will be piloted in xiong'an first

xiong'an has become a place for innovation and testing of new communication technology, and its application results will also enable China's new generation of information technology to achieve rapid development

"network security"

nowadays, with the implementation of the "interconnection +" action plan and the "made in China 2025" strategy, China has entered the peak of industrial intelligent construction, the demand for key infrastructure interconnection is increasing, and the speed of industrial interconnection construction and key infrastructure interconnection has exceeded people's expectations

among them, the development of industrial interconnection has led to the increasingly prominent safety problems of industrial control networks and industrial interconnection. More and more industrial control systems are exposed to the interconnection, and the potential safety hazards are increasing

industrial interconnection security is the premise for the development of industrial interconnection and an important guarantee for the country to further promote "interconnection + Advanced Manufacturing"

at present, new technologies and models of industrial interconnection bring new security challenges, and China's industrial interconnection security industry urgently needs transformation and upgrading

therefore, the planning outline points out that in the future, xiong'an new area will promote the R & D and application of information security technology and develop a large-scale, independent and controllable network space security industry

smart xiongan will certainly lead the development and application of intelligent technology in China in the future, and then promote the growth of the intelligent industry. In the future, the total battery diaphragm enterprise will further improve the performance of the existing diaphragm experimental products. One day, there will be no need to worry about the high-tech industry being "cluttered"

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