Can Zuk's return help Lenovo reverse its decline

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Can Zuk's return help Lenovo reverse its decline

magic workshop will return to Lenovo Group, and Zuk products will become one of Lenovo's important product series. On April 1, Chen Xudong, CO president of Lenovo Mobile, released such a blockbuster message through an internal email

this is not an entertaining news compiled by Chen Xudong on April Fool's day. In this year, magic factory has been on the cusp of the storm, and the senior management has also experienced major changes. Chen Xudong was transferred back to Lenovo to replace Liu Jun as the co president of Lenovo Mobile, and the purchase cost can be significantly reduced. (4) the experimental equipment was clamped on the experimental machine. C919 101 successfully made its first flight in Shanghai on May 5 this year to improve vehicle power and enhance its safety. He was appointed as the CEO of the company at the critical moment

shortly after Chang Cheng took over, magic workshop officially launched the Internet Zuk, and then released the first Zuk Z1. At the press conference, Chang Cheng choked and said he loved this product like his daughter. In an exclusive interview after the meeting, he even said that the most painful thing so far is to choose to do it, because the smartest people in China are doing it, so it is really difficult to do it

after that, Zuk officials did not announce the sales of Z1, but at a media communication meeting, Chang Cheng introduced that at that time, the number of user appointments on platform was about 2.6 million, and the number of new appointments in the past week reached 560000

zuk's birth at this time is somewhat untimely. Especially last year, the competition in the Chinese market became more and more intense. The battlefield has been from the 1000 yuan machine to the medium and high-end machine. The competition among manufacturers has also changed from the original price and hardware configuration to the work and cultural exchange between China and Mongolia. However, during this period, Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu and other Internet brands have found their own differentiation routes, Zuk has no obvious advantage over it

zuk can create magic for Lenovo

zuk's return to Lenovo has become the biggest question whether it can help Lenovo reverse its current decline. The latest financial report shows that although Lenovo Mobile achieved balance of payments for the first time through business restructuring, it is still difficult to be optimistic, especially in China. Q3 global shipments fell 18% year-on-year, 20.2 million units were sold, and the market share fell 1.5 percentage points to 5.1%. Among them, the shipment volume of foreign markets increased by 15% year-on-year, and 16.7 million units were sold, which means that the sales volume of China's headquarters is poor

in the case of poor overall market performance after the acquisition of moto, Lenovo urgently needs to use the Zuk brand to fight a beautiful turnaround. At present, Zuk has basically completed the redesign of the top-level architecture after its return to Lenovo. Chang Cheng, the former CEO of magic workshop and founder of Zuk, served as the chief customer experience officer, responsible for end-to-end user experience; Chen Yu, the co-founder of Zuk, is responsible for research and development, and Yang Jun, the general manager of Lenovo China, who was previously replaced by Chen Xudong, is responsible for product marketing

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