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The current situation and development of the production and application of plastic pipes in China, also known as glass beads and calcium silicate target

according to relevant data, plastic pipes are the most used in building plastics, and there are many product varieties. As a new chemical building material, it has a wide development space in China

at present, solid wall UPVC pipes are the most used in China, followed by PE pipes. In recent years, XPE, PA, pp~r and SP pipes have also developed rapidly. According to the statistics of relevant departments. At present, there are about 2000 pipe production lines in China, of which the imported equipment accounts for about 15%. In 1998, the production capacity of various plastic pipes was 1.5 million tons, including million tons of UPVC pipes, accounting for 50%; PE pipes are 10000 tons, accounting for 36%

according to the Tenth Five Year Plan for national chemical building materials industry formulated by China's chemical building materials Coordination Group The plan and the outline of the 2010 development plan have been incorporated into China's plastic pipe development goals as follows:

1 By 2005, the promotion and application of plastic pipes will be mainly UPVC and PE plastic pipes, and other plastic pipes will be developed manually In the national new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects, 70% of building drainage pipelines, 50% of building rainwater pipelines, 10% of urban drainage pipelines, 60% of building water supply, hot water supply and heating pipelines, 50% of urban water supply pipelines (below dn400mm), 70% of rural water supply pipelines, and 20% of urban gas pipelines (medium and low pressure pipelines), 80% of the wire sheathed pipes are plastic pipes. Plastic pipes occupy more than 50% of all kinds of pipe markets in China

2. By 2010, in the industry of high molecular materials but high manufacturing cost of alternating experimental boxes in China, it is also necessary to move towards intelligent manufacturing. In the new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects, 80% of building drainage pipes are plastic pipes, 70% of building surface water drainage pipes are plastic pipes, 30% of urban drainage pipes are plastic pipes, 75% of building water supply, heat supply and heating pipes are plastic pipes, and 70% of urban drainage pipes (below dn400mm) are plastic pipes, 880% of the water supply pipelines in villages and towns use plastic pipes, 40% of the city gas has a long service life, and 90% of the wires wear sheaths use plastic pipes

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