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The current situation and development ideas of China's ceramic packaging (I)

I. Introduction as a traditional ceramic producing country, China contains rich porcelain clay resources. With the improvement of industrial design level, ceramic products are more and more popular with Chinese and foreign consumers because of their ruggedness, durability, beauty and low price. Now ceramic products have been involved in various fields of people's life and production. For example, sanitary ware in life; Washing and sanitary ware in the kitchen; Art ceramics for decoration in life; The scheme of the tool body is to install displacement sensors and pressure sensors on the experimental machine, such as building ceramics and ceramic molds in the production of the industry. However, as a protective and promotional ceramic coat, packaging can not meet people's production and living needs. It can be said that the lag of packaging seriously affects the sales of ceramic products. Therefore, we urgently need to use a new type of packaging that meets the requirements of environmental protection to change the uneven packaging of ceramic products and the current phenomenon of "first-class products, second-class packaging"

II. Problems in China's ceramic packaging

China's ceramic production enterprises differ greatly due to uneven distribution of porcelain clay resources and differences in economic development level. Based on the situation of various regions, China's ceramic production enterprises are mainly concentrated in the following regions:

(I) traditional production areas. It is mainly concentrated in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi and Yixing, Jiangsu, and mainly produces daily-use ceramics and art ceramics

(II) North China. With Hebei as the center, it mainly produces daily-use ceramics and industrial ceramics

(III) South China. With Guangdong as the center, it mainly produces daily-use ceramics

(IV) Central and western regions in February 2014. With Hubei as the center, Yichang and Western Hubei are the main areas, mainly producing industrial ceramics and daily-use ceramics due to the extremely weak electrical signal output from the extensometer

due to the different levels of economic development in different regions, ceramic packaging has different levels and uneven development

1. simple packaging. The packaging materials are simple packaging materials such as straw rope, wood board and plastic packing belt. The packaging method is also very simple. The main function is to protect the products from damage and facilitate stacking. The use of simple packaging is characterized by the low cost of packaging raw materials, but there are some defects, such as inconvenient use, not beautiful enough, and high product damage rate. According to statistics, the damage rate of enterprise products with this packaging during transportation is 4-5 ‰. This packaging method is mainly used by some small and medium-sized ceramic production enterprises

2. corrugated box packaging. Corrugated box packaging mainly uses corrugated board as packaging material, which is made into various shapes of liners and outer packaging according to the product structure. Corrugated paperboard is made of corrugated corrugated and face paper, so its compression resistance and cushioning performance are better than simple packaging, and the packaging surface can print various patterns, signs and advertising words according to the needs of various enterprises, so it has a strong promotional function. Its predecessor is DSM composite resin group. According to our statistics of seven ceramic enterprises using corrugated boxes in Yichang area; The product damage rate of enterprises packed with corrugated boxes is 0.1%., Therefore, although the single packaging cost is slightly higher than the simple packaging, the overall packaging cost is much lower than the simple packaging. This packaging method has been adopted by many large and medium-sized ceramic production enterprises

3. honeycomb carton packaging. Honeycomb carton is processed with honeycomb paperboard as packaging material. This is a more advanced transportation and packaging method in the world. Because honeycomb paperboard has no vertical and horizontal differences, its bonding strength, puncture strength, edge pressing strength and bursting resistance are better than corrugated paperboard

however, at present, the technical conditions for the production of honeycomb paperboard are not mature in China, such as the production equipment is completely dependent on imports; Unstable quality of domestic raw materials; The effect of honeycomb paperboard printed by the existing printing equipment is not ideal, so in the actual production, the waste rate is high, the cost is high, and the quality is not stable. Only a few high-grade ceramic manufacturers adopt this packaging method

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