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What problems should we pay attention to in the process of home decoration, and how can we grasp the safety of home decoration? In this regard, relevant decoration professionals believe that owners must not blindly pursue good-looking and wantonly hole or change the wall in the process of home decoration. When purchasing decoration materials, they should also pay more attention to purchasing environmental protection decoration materials as much as possible. During the decoration construction, they should take strict care of concealed works to create a warm and comfortable home. The first link of new house decoration: design should not blindly pursue beauty. In the process of home decoration, decoration design, as the first link, is particularly critical. Once it is not handled well, many hidden dangers will be buried. In the construction of home decoration, many owners blindly cut holes and demolish walls in pursuit of beauty, while some designers will mostly comply with or meet the needs of owners in order to reflect the so-called creativity. In this regard, decoration professionals believe that in the decoration design link, designers should start from the safety point of view, try not to make holes to demolish the wall or do not do such design, and it is not suitable to open doors and windows in the load-bearing wall. At the same time, do not arbitrarily shift the wall to change the size of the space for the sake of the beauty of the room, or dismantle and change the low walls and guardrails at will, so as to increase unnecessary potential safety hazards. In addition, in terms of decoration design, it is not suitable to engage in complicated modeling ceiling, or add too heavy crystal lighting, and less recommend the use of heavy marble, granite and other stones to the owner, so as not to increase the floor load. The second link of new house decoration: it is very important to choose and buy safe and environmentally friendly decoration materials. Home decoration involves every corner of the family. Therefore, the reasonable purchase of decoration materials is the most basic guarantee for the safety of home decoration, in which the safety of electricity is the most critical link. Decoration professionals believe that electricity safety involves many aspects, such as leakage protection, short-circuit protection, toilet anti electric shock and grounding protection, and consumers must not treat them casually when purchasing. In addition to electricity safety, attention should also be paid to the environmental protection of decoration materials. At present, lead, benzene and formaldehyde have become the culprits endangering human health and children's intelligence, while benzene and formaldehyde mainly come from plates and paints. At present, a large number of faucets on the market use miscellaneous copper, which makes the content of lead as high as 8%. Therefore, consumers must pay more attention when choosing decoration materials, and try to choose decoration materials that meet the national standard. The glass in the shower room should also choose tempered glass that has passed the safety verification. After all, the self explosion coefficient of tempered glass is very low. The third link of new house decoration: the decoration construction should pay more attention to concealed works. Concealed works construction is the top priority of the whole decoration project, but it is often hidden inside, so it is easy to be ignored by the owner. Decoration professionals remind the owners that since wires and water pipes are either slotted and buried underground or in the wall, or installed in the ceiling, once the construction is muddled through, even if there are small problems, it will bring a lot of trouble and inconvenience to the later repair. Therefore, wires cannot be directly slotted and buried on the wall, but should be installed with formal casing to avoid leakage and fire. When installing the ceiling wooden keel, the owner had better take a certain time to check whether it is installed in a standard way, while the floor keel should be checked whether it has been treated with moth proofing and anti-corrosion treatment when laying. Of course, the bathroom floor should also be treated with waterproof treatment, and the gypsum board of the kitchen ceiling should be treated with fire proofing. As long as the concealed works are well controlled, we can create a safe home for ourselves




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