A nationwide wave of sweet potato deep processing

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The nation has set off a wave of deep processing of sweet potato. The research and development of food machinery and equipment needs to be accelerated

Abstract: before the processing of sweet potato, the harvesting of sweet potato has already made farmers feel very troublesome. Sweet potato is the root of the whole industry chain system for establishing and improving express green packaging. It is known as "gold buried underground", which means that farmers need to dig out sweet potato before picking it up

recently, the temperature has been falling all over the country. The tricycle at the corner wafts sweet sweet potato flavor with heating. To say the most attractive food in winter, it must be the golden and soft sweet potato in the iron stove. In the eighties and nineties of the last century, sweet potato, as one of the important staple foods in China, had many eating methods, such as drying and making noodles. Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standards, low-cost sweet potato is gradually used to feed poultry, and the number of planting is also decreasing. How to make the low-cost but nutritious sweet potato come back to people's attention? Various regions have launched sweet potato intensive processing projects to improve the added value of sweet potato products

Anhui: from harvesting to processing machines, including plastic and rubber parts used in automobiles, fabrics, paints and coatings, thermal insulation materials, adhesives, etc., may cause excessive VOC mechanized production

before sweet potato processing, sweet potato harvesting has already made farmers feel very troublesome. Sweet potato is a root crop, known as "gold buried underground", which means that farmers need to dig out sweet potato before picking it up. In the year when the market price is not good, the cost of harvesting is not enough after selling. Therefore, Mingguang City, Anhui Province, uses the plowshares of tractors to turn over huge sweet potatoes from the fields, so that farmers can be liberated from the sweet potato harvest

in terms of deep processing, it is equipped with automatic cleaning machine, crusher and other equipment to produce sweet potato starch. Farmers use buckets and bamboo baskets to pour sweet potatoes into the automatic cleaner. The cleaned sweet potatoes will be sent to the crusher by the automatic conveyor belt. A gurgling sweet potato slurry will flow into the starch sedimentation tank through the water tank under the machine. The production of sweet potato starch promoted agricultural efficiency and increased farmers' income

Henan: the sword moves in the wrong direction, and deep processing of stems and leaves increases benefits.

sweet potato powder and sweet potato vermicelli are "old-fashioned" deep-processing products that can be thought of in any region. How can we make our products different? With the harvest of sweet potato coming to an end, a large number of sweet potato leaves and stems can only be used to feed pigs. Song County, Henan Province, through recruiting the disabled and low-income people, collects and screens the discarded sweet potato leaves and stems, and further sorts them, dries them, dries them, and then packs them. After professional drying, sorting and packaging, sweet potato leaves have been transformed into "empress No. 1" with a price of more than 300 yuan per kilogram

the dried sweet potato stems and leaves are not afraid that the drying temperature is too high to damage the nutritional components of the sweet potato stems. The sweet potato stems baked on the Kang look good in color. Further sorting out about 30cm sweet potato stalks for bundling and packaging, the price will be better. And the part below will be booked by domestic enterprises. Through the processing of sweet potato stems and leaves, Songxian County, Henan Province has achieved poverty alleviation and prosperity in some areas

Hebei: sweet potato leaves turned into fragrant tea has been popular

the local people in Xingtang County, Hebei Province have always used the tradition of fresh and tender sweet potato leaves mixed with cold dishes. Following this idea, researchers found that sweet potato leaves are not only rich in nutrition, but also have health care effects such as enhancing immune function and improving disease resistance. However, it has not been developed and utilized due to its perishability and high transportation requirements. The idea of making sweet potato leaves into tea has gradually become a reality under the promotion of people with intentions

by comprehensively learning from the production process of Wuyi Mountain rock tea, Yunnan Pu'er tea and West Lake Longjing tea, they developed a tea making process with northern characteristics of sweet potato leaves, and improved the traditional tea making process of Yunnan ethnic minorities, which solved the problems of insufficient aroma and fragile sweet potato leaves. After tea was produced, it was sent to the inspection institution for testing. It was found that sweet potato leaf tea is rich in quercetin, kaempferol and other special elements beneficial to human body. It is an ecological organic tea with health preservation value. At the "2017 7th Hebei International Tea Expo" held this year, this tea was sought after by many tea merchants

in addition, the government department of Guanwen Town, Gulin County, Sichuan Province took the lead to integrate and invest more than 300000 yuan to establish a flour noodle processing plant. Through the introduction of advanced equipment and the adoption of mature production technology, the annual output of 16.2 tons of flour noodles was achieved. It has not only promoted poverty alleviation and prosperity, but also solved the problem of employment of rural surplus labor. In addition, Hubei Jinyue agricultural product development company has deeply processed more than 10 kinds of "potato mother-in-law" products with sweet potatoes: fresh potatoes are washed, crushed and roughly processed into starch; Continue drying and processing to become modified starch; After further processing, it can be made into dietary fiber biscuits, dietary fiber oatmeal cakes, etc; The remaining potato residue is made into organic fertilizer, protein feed and other products

throughout the country, the sweet potato industry is booming. However, we should also see that there are not many deep-processing products on the road of deep-processing sweet potato. In addition to the in-depth research on sweet potato by food enterprises, relevant equipment manufacturers should also speed up the research on sweet potato related equipment by June 15


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