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November 4 Analysis on the price trend of PVC market in China

the PVC market atmosphere in Hebei is flat, the downstream demand is poor, the trading volume is low, and the mainstream price fluctuates little temporarily. The mainstream of ordinary type 5 electric stone is delivered with tax included yuan/ton

the southwest China mobile market is dominated by the lower and upper pole, and the PVC market is limited by the lower and upper pole. The mainstream transaction price of type 5 electric stone is about 4950 yuan/ton for Yihua, 5050 yuan/ton for Jilantai, 5050 yuan/ton for Zhongtai, 5150 yuan/ton for Tianchen, 5150 cash exchange for Jinlu, 5100 yuan for Yibin Tianyuan and 5150 yuan/ton for Chengdu Huarong

the PVC market in Guangzhou continues to operate at a low level, and some still move down. Most merchants ship goods from Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., a well-known enterprise in China, and most of the actual orders are negotiated. The mainstream transaction price of ordinary type 5 electric stone is RMB yuan/ton, and the reference quotation is: 4900 for Sanlian type 5, 4930 for Dongxing and Dongfang hope, 4950 for Shengxiong, Tianhu, Ordos, Neiyi, Beiyuan and Yili, 4950 for Junzheng, 5000 for Zhongtai type 5, and 5180 for Tianchen and Tianneng. Dagu 1000, 700, 800, 1300 type 5650

the offer of PVC market in Hangzhou is down, the quotation of upstream PVC manufacturers continues to decline, the cost of replenishment is low, and the offer continues to move down. The main stream of ordinary type 5 material is RMB/ton, which is self withdrawn. Yihua and Yanhu 4950 yuan/ton self withdrawal, triple 4950 yuan/ton self withdrawal, Dongxing 4960 yuan/ton self withdrawal, Dongfang hope, Yushe, Junzheng, Beiyuan and Yili yuan/ton self withdrawal, Zhongtai type 5 5070 yuan/ton self withdrawal, Tianneng Tianchen offer 5 to yuan/ton, Tianye type 3 report, Tianchen type 8 to c8800 collection card; Yuan/ton self delivery, firm offer negotiable

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