All Cultures Welcome on March 18th! - by Lily Butl

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All Cultures Welcome on March 18th! - by Lily Butler at St Michael's - Today News Post Today News || UK News

On March 18thThe numbers started declining dramatically., St Michael’s School held its annual Cultural Appreciation Day – a day to celebrate multiculturalism within the student body. Every student was invited to wear or bring something from their own culturePresident Jimmy Carter walks with first lady Rosalynn and daughter Amy durin, whether this was a football shirt, flag, or cultural dress, and then have the opportunity to discuss it within their classesThe province.?

The majority of the school participated in this event and there was a real wide variety present – both culturally and the extent to which this was shown. Throughout the day, I saw many football shirts (such as from myself) as well as people bringing in samples of their country’s traditional food or using face paint for flags and symbols. It was truly amazing to see the extent of pride that people had in their cultures, shown by the effort on show in people’s outfits or makeup. For one day, the school was illuminated with colour and curiosity as people celebrated and expressed their culture to those around them, and I for one can say that I learnt a lot about the wide variety of places that my classmates are from, as well as some new knowledge about these locations.

In lessons, teachers would share parts of their culture with the class, and the students had discussions and shared stories from their countries for others to hear – for example, in one lesson we listened to some traditional Italian folk music and in another, heard the stories about a teacher’s upbringing in Poland. At lunch, the hall was transformed into a celebration of the cultural diversity of St Michael’s: there was an array of food available from jollof rice to soda bread. There were performances of dance and songThe program will become permanent after implementing lessons learned from today, and there was an environment of sharing culture and different experiences with one another that everyone enjoyed. The atmosphere was lively and you could really feel that people were being enriched and felt more educated about their citizenship within the worldThe COVID-19 pandemic.? RELATED: 'Once in a generation': Boris Johnson dismisses calls for second independence referendum - Evening Express

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